First post.

So this is my first post. But don't consider it a blog post. This isn't really going to be a blog. And this isn't really a blog post. That said, I'm really not sure what this is. Or what this is going to be.

For now let's just call it a content dump.

Honestly it'll probably just end up being a collection of ramblings. Especially given how this one is starting off.

See I want to create. I miss my younger days when creation was the norm, where imagination and ideas were currency. The satisfaction granted from creativity is hard to match. And so this is my platform, my creative outlet.

At the same time, I don't know exactly what I want to create. And so I'm not setting any "rules" for this content dump. At least not yet. I'm hoping I sort of stumble into some sort of structure down the line. I think it's okay to be optimistic here.

So this is my first post of my unregulated content dump.

I promise it'll get better from here.

Nicholas Boon